Information for United Concordia Patients


Why are you becoming an unrestricted/out-of-network provider with United Concordia?

We are becoming an unrestricted provider for United Concordia because we believe you deserve the highest quality care possible. Insurance companies are increasing pressure for us to cut costs, decrease services offered and reduce the time we spend with our patients in the office.

Becoming unrestricted allows us to provide the highest quality care possible while still allowing you to utilize your insurance benefits.

Will my benefits still be the same?

Many of our patients still have the same coverage, especially for preventive services like routine cleanings, x-rays and exams. However, benefit reimbursement for dental treatment can vary widely based on your plan. If the exact amount of benefit is important for you to know, please let us know and we will send a treatment pre-determination for you.

What if I want to change my insurance?

If you have the option to switch to another insurance company and would like to know if we are in-network, see the list in the next section.

Some patients may decide to skip paying for insurance premiums and save money in a tax-free FSA or HSA plan instead to pay for healthcare costs.

Will you still see United Concordia patients?

Yes, we will still see patients with United Concordia. Most of the time your benefits are the same for in or out-of-network providers, especially for preventive cleanings, exams and x-rays.

How will insurance reimbursements work?

The biggest difference for most patients is how the insurance company sends reimbursement for dental benefits. In most cases, instead of sending us the payment (like most insurers do), United Concordia will send this check to the patient after care is provided in our office, usually within 1-2 weeks of treatment.

Because United Concordia will now reimburse you directly, we will ask for payment in full from you during your visit and then you will receive a reimbursement check directly from United Concordia. We can also set up payment arrangements as needed on major services rendered.

What other plans do you accept?

  • Sunlife Financial
  • Aetna
  • Cigna PPO
  • Humana
  • Guardian
  • Lincoln Financial
  • MetLife- PDP Plus and FEDVIP
  • United Healthcare
  • Zelis
  • GEHA-connection dental
  • Anthem (BCBS of CO/CT/KY/ME/MO/

*We recommend that you contact us or your insurance company directly to confirm that we are in-network with the specific plan you have or are interested in.